Improving Maintenance Management

Improving Maintenance Management

Improving Maintenance ManagementImproving Maintenance ManagementImproving Maintenance Management

Sub-contractor Rules Management

QR-Code Asset Identification

Task/Worker Geomatching 

Improving Fleet Logistics

Improving Fleet Logistics

Improving Fleet LogisticsImproving Fleet LogisticsImproving Fleet Logistics

Driver Management

Vehicle Predictive Maintenance

Security Task Follow-Up

Tracking Cargo 

End-to-End Traceability

End-to-End Traceability

End-to-End TraceabilityEnd-to-End TraceabilityEnd-to-End Traceability

Tracking of  raw material and related products

Heat Number Tracking

Finished Products Geomatching

Improving Transloading Process

Improving Transloading Process

Improving Transloading ProcessImproving Transloading ProcessImproving Transloading Process

Booking & Order Management

Cargo (3 Levels) Management

Dangerous Cargo Control

Operation Monitoring 

Improving Stevedoring Operations

Improving Stevedoring Operations

Improving Stevedoring OperationsImproving Stevedoring OperationsImproving Stevedoring Operations

7 to 10 Years Container GPS Tracker & Gateway

BlueTooth Smart Seal

Hazardous Cargo Management

Enhance Inventory Management

Enhance Inventory Management

Enhance Inventory ManagementEnhance Inventory ManagementEnhance Inventory Management

Handling-Unit Smart Identification

BlueTooth Smart Racking

General Cargo Inside Localisation until 10 CM

About Us



For more than 20 years, TEOPS Corporation develops, mainly for maritime and mining companies, innovative computer applications based on its clients’ needs and know-how of its highly skilled personnel. Thanks to strategic partnerships, TEOPS meets the best quality standards of IT industry. Recently TEOPS has invested in automation, a field that fits perfectly with graphics application developed by the company.

At the beginning, TEOPS business plan included the development of Web secured applications using programs from Oracle Corporation. This innovative strategy has been quickly recognized by the maritime industry and made TEOPS stood out. At the cutting edge, the company integrates, in 2003, Open Source applications and graphical interfaces via Industrial IoT Technology. Today, these dynamic interfaces, linked to programmable controllers and machine tools, are at the hearth of major projects presently developed by TEOPS.


We offer our industrial clientele visual tools for collection and diffusion of georeferenced and automated data.



  • Inventory management;
  • Storage planning;
  • Machinery and stationary equipment management;
  • Vessels loading and unloading planning. cargo tracking;



  • Simplified management of receiving and shipping;
  • Automatic geolocation of cargo from barcode reading;
  • Picture taking and saving on remote servers (Cloud);
  • Contents list and other information via barcode reading;
  • Full traceability of handling activities;
  • Real time monitoring of packaging and containers stuffing;
  • Sensing distance of up to 15 metres with optional Bluetooth reader;
  • Visual history.



  • Drag-and-drop interface;
  • Availability of labour and machinery management;
  • Cost calculation of use of machinery and required labour;
  • IoT Task & Fleet Management;
  • IoT - Operation Monitoring;



  • Planning of the steps relating to vessels loading and unloading;
  • Meteorological conditions of the location where operations take place;
  • Scale drawing of the expected vessel and complete details on it;
  • Production and printing of official documents;
  • Projections and real calculation of the production. end-to-end traceability


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